Cato Cruentus

About This Blog

This is going to be very brief (and out of character!!!), but I wanted to explain the purpose of this blog and the background on Cato Cruentus.

  • All of this is headcanon. Don’t bother hating on my headcanon because it is just that: mine.
  • Cruentus is the last name I chose for my portrayal of Cato. I think it works well because it is Latin for bloodthirsty.
  • This blog will contain photos of Cato with his comments on the situation or insights into things that the Capitol wasn’t able to tell you, as well as some rambles and journal entries.
  • Cato is not heartless, as you can tell by his extended interactions with the other tributes and various visitors on the actual RP blog (click!).

Please feel free to ask Cato any questions at any time. He would love to answer them. I mean, have you seen how arrogant the boy is? <3